FinancingIf you decide to go ahead with purchasing your new business, you will need to ensure that you have enough money to cover the cost of purchasing the business and money to cover the cost of legal fees and opening licences. Normally this is just a simple change of name, but sometimes it can involve more. This we will be able to advise you on from business to business.

We will help you by planning a cash flow forecast to ensure you have everything covered for the first six months of running your business.

Remember, initially, that when you a buy a freehold business you will be expected to pay a deposit of 10% when you decide to go ahead and for a leasehold, this is normally 5%. This deposit is generally non-returnable and held until completion.

Our help and assistance does not stop there though. If you are looking for a mortgage to help finance your freehold property, we can also assist you as a non-resident with the mortgage for both commerical and domestic properties.

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