If you looking to buy a business in Spain, then you have come to the right place. The service we offer you as a buyer is absolutely second to none. Not only will we help you find a great business that suits your requirements, we will also check the business thoroughly to ensure that it is viable, correct and that all paperwork and necessary documentation is up to date and in place. Our help and dedication to you does not stop there, we will also assist you in all aspects of relocating to Spain and ensure that you and your family get off to the best possible start for your new life. Take a look through our extensive list of 'Services' to see how dedicated we are to making your new life a success...


Business Services: If you do not find what you are looking for in our database, then contact us and we will act as your broker. Searching for and researching suitable businesses to suit your requirements and budget.
Search and Selection: Using our online business database, you can search for the type of business you wish to buy, or the area you are looking for a business in or even a combination of the two.

buyersThe Contract: We will help ensure you understand your new contract, in the case of a leasehold business, and be there to assist you with the signing and changeover. We will also ensure that you have a copy of all contacts in your own language when necessary.

Licences: We can arrange to help you with the change of name on your opening licence for the business and with architects, if needed, as well as ensuring your business is up to date with all the requirements you need to ensure a smooth changeover of ownership.

NIE numbers: We can help you apply for your NIE (National Identification Number). We will guide you through the application process and even accompany you to the necessary offices to ensure that you are quickly registered and legal in Spain.

Moving in: In most cases, the current owners of a business are only to happy to stay on and help you learn the ropes, introduce you to suppliers and generally guide you to get you up and running quickly and successfully. However, we will also assist you in any way you may need.

Banking: We can introduce you to excellent banks in the area who will be able to help you with both personal and your business banking, as well as commercial and private mortgages if and when needed.

Translations: If you need any paperwork translated, we have professional translators to hand for both written and spoken languages.

Legal Work: We can recommend professional, English speaking lawyers to help you with any necessary legal requirements or paperwork needed to employ new staff, register your business and ensure your business is completely up to date with current legislation.

Service Utilities: We can assist you with a change of name on the electricity, telephone and water suppliers or with new contracts if and when necessary.

Accountancy: We will introduce you to an accountant who will take care of all your professional needs and advice you to ensure your taxes are kept to a minimum.

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